"After the Denim" is the story of James Packer, a retired accountant and recovering alcoholic who transforms from a bristly, argumentative, resentful man stuck in the routines of his own preferences into a husband capable of compassion for others.

While enjoying an evening out at their regular Friday night Bingo game at the local community center, James feels his territory has been invaded by a young couple whom he believes he has caught in the act of cheating.

As James builds the courage to confront the young couple on their dishonesty, he is also faced with the news that his wife Edith's ailing symptoms have resurfaced and this time it may be fatal.

Under the duress of these conflicting emotions, James finally finds comfort and the answers to his questions in the solitude of introspection. He prays for everyone, "the living and the dead" – including the young hippie couple wearing denim whom he had envied and resented for their youth earlier in the evening.